467k pdf     3 March 2004    
MS1 renamed to MS10, reduced feature version MS1 introduced. Sequence operation rationalised.
474k pdf     18 May 2004    
- Minor update
FSK testing introduced, lower case characters used to seperate from the LA100. Segments u,v,r,o,n,p available.
476k pdf     9 July 2004    
- Update
64 point graphs, slows sweep, high resolution results storage, more informative results sheets, long noise plot, GLITS line-up test and inverse PPM testing.
475k pdf     11 February 2005    
- Significant update
Manual phase measurement and plots of phase against frequency.
477k pdf     22 July 2005    
- Moderate update
Bug fixes and path latency (delay) measurement provided as part of test level segment.