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The Lindos LA1 Audio Analyser
Created in the late 1970's the LA1 was the original Lindos audio analyser. The LA1 was orginally conceived as a unit for aligning tape machines, but it quickly became the industry standard unit for testing the newly launched local radio stations throughout the UK.
The Lindos LG1 Portable Digital / Analogue Generator
The LG1 is a portable, battery powered unit that generates digital and analogue audio test signals that may be injected into the signal path when testing device performance or signal path continuity with a Lindos LM-1 monitor or any other audio monitor or metering device.
The Lindos LM1 Portable Digital / Analogue Monitor
The LM1 is a portable beltpack unit for monitoring digital audio (AES/EBU, S/PDIF) or analogue audio signals. The LM1 has a headphone output and LEDs to display basic signal parameters and the 'health' of a digital audio signal.
The Lindos LDM24 Digital Monitoring Adapter
The Lindos LDM24 is a precision 24bit digital to analogue and analogue to digital converter intended primarily as an enhancement for the Lindos LA100 Audio Analyser. The LDM24 is equally suitable for use as a high quality general purpose converter. In this role it provides a versatile, highly stable unit, with precisely repeatable performance and ease of use.
The Lindos LSC24 Digital Studio Convertor
The LSC24 is a 24bit 96kHz studio convertor provides precision A-D (analogue to digital) , D-A (digital to analogue) and D-D (digital to digital) convertors that have been designed to maximise their sonic transparency in both the analogue and digital domains. Housed in a compact 1U case, the LSC24 combines key studio functions in a single unit. Noise shaping and soft limiting can be applied at the touch of a button.

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"A very worthwhile upgrade which makes the unit much easier to operate.
Great display!"
Chris Thorpe, CTP Systems

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Any MS10 can be upgraded to an MS20 simply by fitting a new MS20 front panel.

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