MACKIE - HR824 - Speaker
SOURCE MS10 V3.0 Halfspace and Flat settings MM3 Mic @0.6m
01-Jul-05 03:58 PM

20Hz -22.00 -22.00
31Hz -10.00 -22.00
40Hz -00.50 -22.00
50Hz 03.50 -22.00
100Hz 01.12 -22.00
315Hz 02.25 -22.00
1k0 01.25 -22.00
6k3 02.87 -22.00
10k0 03.37 -22.00
12k5 02.50 -22.00
14k0 02.50 -22.00
16k0 01.37 -22.00
20k0 -03.12 -22.00
25k0 04.25 -22.00

Excellent frequency response from this top-of-the-range professional monitor. The bass cone was near max travel at low frequencies on this 100dB SPL test, though levels up to 117dB SPL are possible over the rest of the range.

The Lindos 'grass-sky' method was used, and this shows how well it works. The slight peaks and dips from 50 to 500Hz are probably due to ground reflection (manufacturers graph supplied is within +-1.5dB 40Hz to 20kHz. Mic was on axis mid-way between drivers, to avoid 'suck out' due to unequal path lengths. We suspect the dip at 20kHz (and peak at 25kHz) are a feature of the 'acoustic waveguide' close-up, and not present at 1m or more.

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