Lindos - Listening Room Plus - Speaker
LINDOS AUDIO SEQUENCE TEST Lindos - Listening Room Plus - Speaker
SOURCE MS10 V2.9 In studio 7x5x2.5m @2.5m with corner traps
16-Aug-04 10:10 PM

20 -15.87 -22.00
31 -03.00 -22.00
40 -04.12 -22.00
50 03.37 -22.00
100 06.37 -22.00
315 01.12 -22.00
1k0 -07.87 -22.00
3k1 -16.75 -22.00
6k3 -04.50 -22.00
8k0 -02.75 -22.00
10k0 -06.00 -22.00
12k5 -07.62 -22.00
16k0 -04.37 -22.00
18k0 -07.50 -22.00
20k0 -05.37 -22.00
25k0 00.75 -22.00

This is about as good as it gets measured at the listening position in a room! Note that a 3dB drop from LF to HF is generally thought optimal (resulting from the way our ears pick up sound from both the front and the sides.

The dips at 25Hz and 60Hz are undesirable, but hard to correct, resulting from prominent room resonant modes.

The system consists of two Mackie HR824 Monitors plus two Eminence 18" bass units mounted in the wall with another room behind (infinite baffle) and equalised for a flat close-up response down to 15Hz. MM1 Mic is placed equidistant from the main speakers. Walls need more absorbant treatment at mid and low frequencies.

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MS10 Upgrade Testimonial

"A very worthwhile upgrade which makes the unit much easier to operate.
Great display!"
Chris Thorpe, CTP Systems

LA100 Testimonial

"If someone is looking for an accurate, reliable, economical, easy to use test system for audio quality test, Lindos is the answer for it.We have been using many of this unit (LA100) in our broadcast TV and FM Radio maintenance works and will continue using is for many years.

It is surely the best test gear for line, transmitter, amplifiers and other audio related equipment tests.We consider it a must have unit for out broadcast TV and FM Radio maintenance team."

Baithori Kamdi,
Broadcast Engineer,
Telecom Malaysia