SOURCE MS10 V3.0 @200mm 100dBSPL on tweeter axis
17-Nov-05 04:34 PM

20Hz -5.37 0.00
31Hz +3.12 0.00
40Hz +3.25 0.00
50Hz +2.37 0.00
100Hz +2.62 0.00
315Hz +0.37 0.00
1k0 0.00 0.00
6k3 -2.62 0.00
10k0 +3.25 0.00
12k5 +1.37 0.00
14k0 +3.12 0.00
16k0 +3.25 0.00
20k0 +1.37 0.00
25k0 -4.62 0.00

Excellent result from an innovative (and expensive!) high performance active loudspeaker (made in Germany) which uses a coaxial 125mm mid-range driver crossing over from a 400mm bass driver at 550Hz. The small mid-range driver allows a constant directivity index to be achieved (less beaming than with a larger driver) but necessitates a higher than normal crossover which would be audibly bad, were it not for the coaxial arrangement. The tweeter, crossing over at 2.8kHz is not coaxial, but close enough to minimise phase cancellation. Hence this plot was possible at the close range of 200mm in the presence of high ambient noise (85dB SPL PPM) at the Nov 2005 SBES exhibition in Birmingham UK.

This speaker is notable for having a cardiod response down to 25Hz, with around 10dB reduction in rear radiation at 32Hz, using resisitive panels in the rear of the cabinet to give phase cancellation.

Though not a definitive plot (a nearby display cabinet may be the cause of some ripple) this is a very pleasing result for such unusual surroundings (large noisy hall) showing what is possible without the artificial extreme of an anechoic chamber. Note the superb bass response to 25Hz with minimal ripples from the rear wall a few metres away (Advantage of a cardiod response). Max claimed output is approx 120dB SPL @1m.

Lindos MM3 mic used.
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