ZOOM H2 - 2-Ch Flash Recorder - Microphone
LINDOS AUDIO SEQUENCE TEST ZOOM H2 - 2-Ch Flash Recorder - Microphone
SOURCE MS20 V1.3 Source in centre at 0.5m - Lindos Studio
15-Aug-11 10:40 AM

20Hz -5.87 -5.12
31Hz -5.75 -4.37
40Hz -6.25 -5.75
50Hz -2.00 -3.12
100Hz -3.62 -4.62
315Hz +2.12 +1.62
1k0 0.00 0.00
6k3 +1.00 +1.25
10k0 -1.12 -0.87
12k5 -0.87 -0.50
14k0 -2.62 -2.25
16k0 -4.87 -4.37
20k0 -6.87 -5.50
25k0 -7.12 -5.37
100Hz -43.35

Significant fall in bass response and a peak at 5kHz will spoil the sound. Compare with the on-axis/off axis result which shows a rise in bass and high-frequencies on-axis, but poor mid-range separation.

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LA100 Testimonial

"If someone is looking for an accurate, reliable, economical, easy to use test system for audio quality test, Lindos is the answer for it.We have been using many of this unit (LA100) in our broadcast TV and FM Radio maintenance works and will continue using is for many years.

It is surely the best test gear for line, transmitter, amplifiers and other audio related equipment tests.We consider it a must have unit for out broadcast TV and FM Radio maintenance team."

Baithori Kamdi,
Broadcast Engineer,
Telecom Malaysia

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