ZOOM H2 - 2-Ch Flash Recorder - Microphone
LINDOS AUDIO SEQUENCE TEST ZOOM H2 - 2-Ch Flash Recorder - Microphone
SOURCE MS20 V1.3 Source in centre at 0.5m - Lindos Studio
15-Aug-11 10:40 AM

20Hz -5.87 -5.12
31Hz -5.75 -4.37
40Hz -6.25 -5.75
50Hz -2.00 -3.12
100Hz -3.62 -4.62
315Hz +2.12 +1.62
1k0 0.00 0.00
6k3 +1.00 +1.25
10k0 -1.12 -0.87
12k5 -0.87 -0.50
14k0 -2.62 -2.25
16k0 -4.87 -4.37
20k0 -6.87 -5.50
25k0 -7.12 -5.37
100Hz -43.35

Significant fall in bass response and a peak at 5kHz will spoil the sound. Compare with the on-axis/off axis result which shows a rise in bass and high-frequencies on-axis, but poor mid-range separation.

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