Sennheiser - EW100 G2 Wireless Mic System
LINDOS AUDIO SEQUENCE TEST Sennheiser - EW100 G2 Wireless Mic System
03-May-12 01:06 PM

20Hz -22.50 -14.88
31Hz -19.75 -12.13
40Hz -22.50 -14.88
50Hz -22.00 -9.25
100Hz -5.50 -7.13
315Hz +4.87 +3.76
1k0 0.00 +0.01
6k3 +0.75 +0.38
10k0 -1.37 +2.76
12k5 -3.87 +4.51
14k0 -5.12 +3.13
16k0 -7.12 +2.38
20k0 -13.75 +4.38
25k0 -22.50 -0.74
20Hz -22.63 0.00
31Hz -22.63 0.00
40Hz -22.63 0.00
50Hz -14.49 0.00
100Hz -2.99 0.00
315Hz +4.99 0.00
1k0 0.00 0.00
6k3 -0.38 0.00
10k0 +3.49 0.00
12k5 +3.49 0.00
14k0 +3.88 0.00
16k0 +1.63 0.00
20k0 -5.74 0.00
25k0 -22.63 0.00
TL dB 00.96 -07.14
DELms 0000
NOISE ITU-468 Q-Pk REL [n]
WTD -50.82 -50.82

This is a test of the Sennheiser mic that comes with the G2 kit.

Blue trace - G2 mic tested with the transmitter and reciever (which roll off steeply at 50Hz and 10kHz). See other results sheet.

Red - Lindos MM4 measuring mic direct into MiniSonic MS20 tester.

Purple - Lindos MM4 tested with the G2 transmitter and reciever.

The tests show that the G2 mic itself has a presence peak around 6kHz for lapel use and that it is rolling off from about 80Hz and 7kHz as these are the points at which the two traces stop tracking. Noise result is not valid as background noise was too high.

Manual noise test in a quiet room gave results of:
-57dBu 468-weighted - Sennhieser mic
-63dBu 468-weighted - Lindos MM4

Surprisingly the MM4 has the same sensitivity as G2 mic.

Conclusion use MM4 with G2 kit for improved bass, treble and noise performance. Connect to DSLR though MP1 and camera adapter for improved bass capture.

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