Rode - Video Mic Pro - Microphone
LINDOS AUDIO SEQUENCE TEST Rode - Video Mic Pro - Microphone
SOURCE MS20 V1.3 Outdoors 1m from speaker on tweeter axis
22-Jun-12 11:21 AM

20Hz -22.63 -21.00
31Hz -22.63 -18.50
40Hz -15.74 -6.75
50Hz -5.88 -1.12
100Hz -3.13 -4.37
315Hz +1.13 +2.00
1k0 0.00 0.00
6k3 -5.99 +1.00
10k0 -5.74 +2.37
12k5 -6.49 +0.75
14k0 -8.13 +1.25
16k0 -8.99 +3.25
20k0 -14.88 +2.50
25k0 -12.63 +10.87

Severe high end rolloff - badly out of spec!

The top graph shows the true speaker response on a Lindos MM3 1/4" measuring mic (in same position) in red and the Rode response in blue. The source is a Mackie HR824 monitor which is flat to within 1dB but in this case has some added ripples from ground reflection (only 1m above grass).

The lower graph shows the difference, ie the true response of the Rode (ignore the anomoly below 50Hz caused by the levels going off scale.) What this confirms is that there is negligible bass lift and the response is flat within 2dB from 60Hz to 4kHz which is good. Above 4kHz however the response is drastically down, and not at all in agreement with the Rode specification. -7dB at 5kHz explains the muffled sound, and as we have observed this on other peoples tests we cannot take this to be a one-off fault (the mic was brand new).

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