MM5 High Level Microphone

The MM5 provides the same level of precision as our MM4 mic, but with reduced sensitivity. This allows it to be used inside drums, saxophones and other high-level environments. The reduced sensitivity has been achieved by modifying the gain provided by the FET (amplifier) inside the capsule and this has enabled us to achieve a very low noise level.

The drum demonstration video below was recorded using two MM4 mics as overheads and two MM5 mics on the front and back of the bass drum.


Dynamic Range 126dB A-weighted noise (124dB with MP1 preamp)
Frequency response Typically 2dB, 20Hz-20kHz (1dB 40Hz-15kHz)
Sensitivity -50dBu (0.5dB) out for 100dBSPL (1.6mV/PA)
Noise Level 36dBSPL 468-weighted, 24dBA SPL (typical)
Clipping Level 150dBSPL (-32dB 468-weighted relative - estimated)
Distortion -46dB (468-weighted relative) at 120dBSPL, -40dB (468-weighted relative) at 130dBSPL, -37dB (468-weighted relative) at 140dBSPL
Cable Length 3m
Connector Gold plated 3.5mm jack

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