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Lindos launches the MM5 high-level microphone

Designed for bass drum miking in the studio the new MM5 can cope with levels up to 148dBSPL! The microphone is calibrated such that it outputs -50dBu for 100dBSPL (20dB less sensitive than our MM4 microphone). Rather than using a different capsule with lower sensitivity we have been able to modify the gain of the MM4's capsule. This means that the frequency response and noise performance are the same as the MM4s.

Watch our drum demonstration video to hear how the MM5 sounds.

Who's Using the MiniSonic Mic Kit?
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MiniSonic Mic Kit Manual

The MiniSonic Mic Kit Manual covers all aspects of the kit as well as providing useful applications advice and information on miking techniques.

Read the MiniSonic
Mic Kit manual

New Camera Adapter

Adapters for connecting the MiniSonic Mic Kit to the Canon EOS 5D mkII are now available. Now your videos will sound better than ever.

Camcorder and DSLR adapters