Who's Using the MiniSonic Mic Kit?

"Whilst shooting video with interchangeable lenses and variable focus depth, in pin-sharp HD video has finally become affordable with the development of DSLR video, sadly the on-board sound on most camera models has felt more like a step backwards.

Having struggling with severe wind noise and unacceptable bass roll-off for years, it is great to finally have an audio set-up which addresses both of these inherent problems in an elegant and affordable way. When coupled with Magic Lantern firmware, to disable the Canon EOS 550D's AGC, the sound quality I've been able to achieve with the MiniSonic Mic Kit is as good as I've heard from an camera mic kit. The flexibility to use it mounted on the camera, as a lapel mic for documentary presentation or interviews, or on a mic stand for music, make it must for those looking for versatility and professional quality sound, without breaking the bank."

Cormac Scanlan

Cormac Scanlan's Latest Video - A Short History of Ickworth Park
Audio captured to an EOS 550D using the MiniSonic Mic Kit. Lapel mic has both the form windshield and a Rycote windjammer to help cut down wind noise.

John Chapman

Click on the picture to visit Cinstall's website and watch their latest video. Shot using a EOS 5D2 with sound captured to the camera using the MiniSonic Mic Kit.

Pete Crouch

So I have had my new Minisonic Mic Kit from Lindos for a couple of weeks now, and thought I would share some thoughts. Before I ordered my kit I exchanged a few emails with the company and was pleasantly surprised to get a very swift reply from the companies MD Chris Skirrow. This is a guy who is clearly very passionate and knowledgeable about the technology, but also very keen to help his clients. I had a couple of queries as to how Chris would suggest I use the kit with my existing equipment, and got a very detailed reply explaining what set-up would give me the best results. I decided to take Chrisí advice and I opted for the main kit with the addition of the VA-MAGIC Lead as the interface between the Pre-amp and my Canon5D Mk2. Prior to this I have been using an Alesis Pro-Track with a Rode shotgun mic and experienced quite a bit of background noise and hiss. Setting up the gear using Chrisí recommendations was very straightforward and it is producing great results. The kit itself is very compact and well-designed, I like the feel of the individual components and the build quality is great. I tend to shoot on my own a fair bit, so having a very simple set-up which is easy to get going with very quickly is important to me, and being able to record great quality audio directly into my DSLR is a major bonus. In addition it makes editing a lot quicker as I no longer need to sync the separate audio from the Pro-track to the video. I think I will build on the kit and get the extra video Mics, as I do think having them mounted atop the Canon will make for a very easy interview set-up. For the money these guys are charging I think it represents great value, and I hope they continue to develop the range, as I think the addition of wireless transmission would be the obvious next step for them.

"I think the audio from the Mic Kit is fantastic. I'm looking forward to using it again on the next videos we have planned. A newly added feature is audio monitoring with headphones. Makes a great product even better."

Amedeo Castellani
AC Pictures

AC Picture's Latest Video - Robert Brown performing Going to California by Led Zepplin, shot using two Canon EOS 5D mkIIs and the MiniSonic Mic Kit

Who's Using the MiniSonic Mic Kit?
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