The MM4 Microphone

MM4 Microphone
Lindos MM4 Microphone
Based on our MM3 measurement microphone the MM4 is a calibrated omni-directional electret microphone that captures sound with clarity and precision. Though tiny it offers the ultimate in performance for two important reasons:
  • It has a small, lightweight diaphragm allowing it to pickup high frequencies accurately.
  • It has no surfaces or cavities to give reflections or resonances that cause colouring of the sound.

All Lindos microphones are calibrated to 0.5dB meaning that every mic is well matched to every other mic. This allows for accurate A-B stereo recording by spacing the microphones on mic stands using the mic holders (included with the kit). Ideal for recording bands. Find out more

MM4 Microphone Specifications
MM4 Microphone Specifications

The mic holders make the MiniSonic Mic Kit ideal for everything from acoustic guitar and vocals to live bands and drums. The kit also comes with a custom-made pop-shield which clips neatly onto the mic holder.

MM4 Microphone in a Mic Holder With a Lindos Pop-Shield Attached
MM4 Microphone in a Mic Holder With a Lindos Pop-Shield Attached

Most conventional studio mics are large diaphragm 'cardioids', these are good for sensitivity, but have a falling response to high frequencies off-axis and poor bass response. One benefit of cardiods is that they have a directional response with rejection to the rear, which helps cut down feedback in live events but is not necessary in studio recording, where lack of colouration is the prime requirement. You can always colour the sound with EQ and reverb afterwards but you can never take out unwanted colouration from a microphone.


Dynamic Range 106dB A-weighted noise (104dB with MP1 preamp)
Frequency response Typically 2dB, 20Hz-20kHz (1dB 40Hz-15kHz)
Sensitivity -30dBu (0.5dB) out for 100dBSPL (12mV/PA)
Noise Level 36dBSPL 468-weighted, 24dBA SPL typical
Clipping Level 130dBSPL (-32dB Distortion Residue)
Distortion -46dB (468-weighted relative) at 100dBSPL, -40dB (468-weighted relative) at 110dBSPL, -37dB (468-weighted relative) at 115dBSPL
Cable Length 3m
Connector Gold plated 3.5mm jack

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MiniSonic Mic Kit Manual

The MiniSonic Mic Kit Manual covers all aspects of the kit as well as providing useful applications advice and information on miking techniques.

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