Precision Audio Testing

Demonstration of MiniSonic MS20
MiniSonic MS20 used to test Zoom H4n portable audio recorder
Since the creation of its very first Lindos test set in 1979, Lindos has led the way in the field of audio testing. Pioneers of both hardware and software test systems, Lindos Electronics has always strived to produce the most reliable, user-friendly and accurate test sets on the market. This ethos has made us world-renowned in audio circles.

The practical applications of Lindos test systems are incredibly varied. They are used to test the acoustics of live venues such as the Royal Albert Hall and the Sydney Opera House, the performance of broadcasting equipment by companies such as Sky, CBS, Channel 4, ITN, MTV and the BBC, and to test consumer electronics by manufacturers such as Sony, Sennheiser, B&W, Celestion and Tannoy. They are also widely used in university research and teaching.

Lindos Audio Test Sets

We currently produce two hardware based analogue test sets, the LA100 and the MiniSonic. The LA100 has long been established as the industry standard audio test set within the broadcast industry. It consists of a seperate oscillator and measuring set. Like all of our test sets, the LA100 analyses audio quality by generating a precise audio test signal and then measuring the deviations from this ideal, in the signal coming out of the equipment under test.

Available in three formats, the MiniSonic provides a cost effective, portable test solution. The MS20 comes complete with a bright OLED screen making it ideal for stand-alone use. The MS10 provides the same measurement functions as the MS20, but displays information on an LED bar graph. The MS10 is therefore ideal for bench applications where a desktop or laptop computer running Lin4Win is available. The MS1 is an MS10 without Sequence testing.

MiniSonic MS10MiniSonic MS20

Provided free with all our test systems the comprehensive support software Lin4Win allows a PC to be used to remotely control all functions of all our test systems. Lin4Win can even upload Sequence test results to our online Test Results Database allowing users to share performance results for any piece of audio equipment.

We also produce a software application that allows Windows users to use a PC sound card as a fully functioning audio test set. Known as the DigiSonic DS10, it supports real-time spectral analysis & oscilloscope views, sequence testing and remote control over the internet.

The Lindos Analyser LA100DigiSonic DS10Lin4Win

Lindos Sequence Testing provides a quick and efficient method for quantifying the performance of any audio system. In less than 30s audio test results for frequency response, crosstalk, noise, distortion, phase response, headroom and path latency (delay) are presented on the unit or on a computer screen for viewing, printing, saving, tolerance testing and even uploading to our online Test Results Database; which allows users to share performance results for any piece of audio equipment.

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