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Lindos Sequence Testing is a powerful innovation used worldwide by broadcasters. A Sequence consists of a series of segments; where segments are building blocks that can be chosen by the user. Each segment generates a particular sequence of tones, a sweep, or silence, intended to test a particular parameter, such as frequency response, distortion or noise. It begins by sending its identifying character, (in ASCII code) as a frequency-shift-keyed (FSK 110-baud) signal which acts as a synchronising trigger as well as the instruction for a series of timed measurements. This means that the responding Lindos tester does not have to be the one generating the sequence; it doesn't even have to be on the same side of the world but may be at the other end of a satellite link or line.

Because the measuring side of our units operates quite independently from the generating side, the signal may be delayed; by a fraction of a second, as is the case when testing two-head tape machines, or by years, as when playing back a tape that has had a sequence test recorded on it for future quality checking. Any Lindos test system will respond instantly to an appropriate FSK signal at its input, and go into the appropriate series of measurements for the specified segment. At the end of each segment it waits for up to one second for the next segment, and when no more segments are detected it times out with the results saved in its memory for viewing or printing. If a PC running Lin4Win is connected, the results will appear on the screen after the sequence has finished running, in the form of a Results Sheet that can be saved or printed as an A4 page. See our user manuals for details on the segments available for each test set.

Visit Our Test Results Database to see Sequence testing in action.

Latest tests include the iPod Video, Sennheiser Headphones and Roberts DAB radios.


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MS20 Testimonial

"In short, I love it. Extremely useful; wonderfully succinct -- I've been looking for a tool like this for 20 years."

Phillip Sztenderowicz,
Technical Department,
Sterling Sound

LA100 Testimonial

"If someone is looking for an accurate, reliable, economical, easy to use test system for audio quality test, Lindos is the answer for it.We have been using many of this unit (LA100) in our broadcast TV and FM Radio maintenance works and will continue using is for many years.

It is surely the best test gear for line, transmitter, amplifiers and other audio related equipment tests.We consider it a must have unit for out broadcast TV and FM Radio maintenance team."

Baithori Kamdi,
Broadcast Engineer,
Telecom Malaysia