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PANASONIC - DMC-GH2 Camcorder  

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Pete Skirrow
Top graph - frequency response without the Lindos adapter.
Below - frequency response with the Lindos adapter. ....

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Pete Skirrow
N audio gain setting, wind-noise filter OFF
Exellent micro 2/3 video recorder (set to 1080i), but let down by marginal sound quality with the usual (unexplained) low-frequency rolloff, a less serious HF rolloff (cutting off at 16kHz) and a rather high noise ....

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Pete Skirrow
Gain 1 and 0dBu alignment level in
Excellent frequency response, noise not bad, but took a lot of effort to eliminate RF effects from the camera ground, and radiated RF, which were causing buzz. This camera uses a 2.5mm jack - do ....

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MS10 Upgrade Testimonial

"A very worthwhile upgrade which makes the unit much easier to operate.
Great display!"
Chris Thorpe, CTP Systems

LA100 Testimonial

"If someone is looking for an accurate, reliable, economical, easy to use test system for audio quality test, Lindos is the answer for it.We have been using many of this unit (LA100) in our broadcast TV and FM Radio maintenance works and will continue using is for many years.

It is surely the best test gear for line, transmitter, amplifiers and other audio related equipment tests.We consider it a must have unit for out broadcast TV and FM Radio maintenance team."

Baithori Kamdi,
Broadcast Engineer,
Telecom Malaysia