CD2 MiniSonic Test CD

CD2 - MiniSonic Test CD

Download TestCD2 (59Mb) (zipped wav)

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  • Forty Tracks of MiniSonic MS1,MS10 and MS20 Sequences and Tones.
  • All tracks duplicated at -15dB FS and -18dB FS.
  • Ideal for testing MP3 players, CD Players, soundcards and other playback devices.
  • Can also be used with quality playback devices as an oscillator for testing other devices
  • All tracks accurate to +/-0.1dB Frequencies as on MS10.
  • Residual noise -69dB (ITU-468-wtd) (AL=-18FS) -72dB (AL-15FS).
  • Noise Shaping used on all tracks (unless stated).

    Track Listing

    1SEQ1-15dB FS Alignment 2120Hz0dB (AL = -15dB FS)
    2SEQ2-15dB FS 2240Hz0dB AL
    3SEQ3-15dB FS (CD Test) 23100Hz0dB AL
    4MuteNoise Shaped 241kHz0dB AL
    5SEGl-15dB FS 253.15k0dB AL
    6SEQ6-15dB FS 266.3k0dB AL
    7SEGs-15dB FS 276.3k0dB AL
    8SEGh-15dB FS 2816k0dB AL
    91kHz-15dB FS (AL) 2920k0dB AL
    10SEQ3-15dB FS TPDF 301kHz0dB AL +/- 0.01dB
    11SEQ1-18dB FS Alignment 3120Hz0dB AL = -18dB FS
    12SEQ2-18dB FS 3240Hz0dB AL
    13SEQ3-18dB FS (CD Test) 33100Hz0dB AL
    14MuteTPFD 341kHz0dB AL
    15SEGI-18dB FS 353.15k0dB AL
    16SEQ6-18dB FS 366.3k0dB AL
    17SEGs-18dB FS 3710k0dB AL
    18SEGh-18dB FS 3816k0dB AL
    191kHz-18dB FS (AL) 3920k0dB AL
    20SEQ3-18dB FS TPDF* 39MuteNo Dither**

    * Triangular probability density function (TPDF) dither this is representative of 'standard' optimal dither, though noise shaping is even better giving lower noise figures
    ** Digital silence - caution - players may mute on this so it may or may not allow analogue noise to be seen AL means 'Alignment Level'

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