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Since the creation of its very first Lindos test set in 1979, Lindos has always striven to produce the most reliable and user-friendly audio test sets on the market. This ethos has made us world-renowned in audio circles. Our quick, built-in sequence testing allows a signal path to be evaluated in a matter of seconds with the press of just a few buttons.

The practical applications of Lindos test systems are incredibly varied. They are used to test the acoustics of live venues such as the Royal Albert Hall and the Sydney Opera House, the performance of broadcasting equipment by companies such as the BBC, Sky, Telecom Malaysia and RTE, and to test consumer electronics by manufacturers such as Sony, Sennheiser and Celestion. They are also widely used in university research and teaching.


“If someone is looking for an accurate, reliable, economical, easy to use test system for audio quality test, Lindos is the answer for it.

It is surely the best test gear for line, transmitter, amplifiers and other audio related equipment tests. We have been using many of this unit (LA100) in our broadcast TV and FM Radio maintenance works for many years and we consider it a must have unit for out broadcast TV and FM Radio maintenance team.”

Baithori Kamdi,
Broadcast Engineer,
Telecom Malaysia

“In short, I love it. Extremely useful; wonderfully succinct — I’ve been looking for a tool like this for 20 years.”

Phillip Sztenderowicz,
Sterling Sound

“I’m delighted with my new look test kit – many thanks. I’ve been using this kit for years – what a great product!”

Phil Collins
Klotz Media Solutions

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Lindos Launches New Look Website

With the rapidly changing requirements of a modern website the time had come for a revamp. Now mobile friendly, we hope our new look site will give a fresh feel to our products and resources. Our new ecommerce system allows for easy management of your order and straight-forward on-site card processing.    

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