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Omnidirectional microphones are (and always have been) excellent for music recording, and are the mainstay of most classical recordings for a variety of good technical reasons. Lindos offers a range of omni-directional microphones for both measurement and general purpose recording.

Lindos MM3 Measurement Microphone

The Lindos MM3 miniature (7mm) electret microphone is calibrated as standard and fitted with a 3.5mm jack for plugging directly an MS20 test set or Lindos MP1 preamp. 

Typically ±2dB, 20Hz-20kHz (±1dB 40Hz-15kHz) they are calibrated to within ±0.5dB and offer a sensitivity of -30dBu for 100dBSPL (UniSon-Mic standard).

The silver calibration label identifies them apart from our lower specification MM4 mic available for general purpose use and described further below.

We recommend purchasing a MH1 mic holder for mounting the MM3 in a mic stand for straight-forward positioning in-front of speakers.

Supplied on a 3m black Kevlar reinforced microphone cable and terminated with a gold plated jack.

Lindos MM4 General Purpose Microphone

The Lindos MM4 microphone uses the same capsule as the MM3, but is supplied uncalibrated and with a slightly lower frequency response specification. Essentially we select the capsules and reserve the best for measurement purposes and allow slightly lower tolerances for the capsules used in the MM4. 

This microphone is ideally suited to Podcast and Voiceover work, but with careful use can also yield excellent results in a studio setting on music recording of everything from voice and guitar (both electric and acoustic) to drums and wind instruments.

The MM4 can be used with any electret mic input and is available with a number of accessories including an optional pre-amp.

Lindos MP1 Preamplifier

The ideal interface for our microphones in a recording situation, or where additional gain control is required for measurements with an MS20, or for making microphone measurements using a Lindos LA102

Two channels of high-quality preamplification with independent gain control in 10dB steps.  Maximum output is +18dBu. When used with our MM3 calibrated microphone this allows levels up to +128dBSLP to be measured.  


  • Stereo microphone inputs
  • Balanced line-level output on a single UniSon connector (fewer cables)
  • Independent left- and right-channel gain selection (+40dB, +30dB,
  • Easy-to-access PP3 battery compartment (battery included)
  • External power from PSU or via the D-type connector
  • Clear three-stage battery indication
  • Overload (or clip) indicator on each channel
  • Fixing points for 1/4″ hot shoe adapter, stand and belt clips
  • Tactile switches
  • Solid aluminium case

Lindos MM5 High Level Microphone

The MM5 is a high-level version of the MM4 for use in close miking of bass and snare drums in particular.  The sensitivity is -50dBu (±2dB ) for 100dBSPL or 20dB lower than the MM4. This mic will handle levels up to 150dBSPL and is identified by an orange band at both ends of the cable to separate it from our other microphones.

Lindos MM6 Phantom Powered Microphone

The MM6 microphone is exactly the same as our MM4 except it is supplied terminated with a mini-XLR for connection to a phantom power adapter (included as standard). This allows connection to standard microphone inputs on mixers and interfaces where electret mic inputs are not available. 

Lindos VM1 Video Microphones

The VM1 video mic uses two MM4 mic capsules mounted on telescopic stalks out in front of the camera. This system is specifically aimed at live music recording where on-board camera microphones suffer from distortion and their built-in preamps lack sufficient headroom. The collapsible design allows the mics to fit neatly into a camera bag . The spacing allows you to capture sounds with surprisingly impressive stereo imagery. Watch the video below and judge the results for yourself! 

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