LA100 Servicing and Upgrades

Recalibration and Minor Repairs

The most common faults on the LA100 are battery or DC-DC converter failure, reed relay failure, or failure of microprocessor components, and a competent engineer can tackle these without returning the units. Detailed advice can usually be given quickly by telephone or email, and spares supplied where required. Servicing information is also provided in Section 10.0 (page 157) of the LA100 Manual.

We offer a full recalibration, repair and upgrade service normally with a 5-10 day turn-around. Please return your unit to our factory with your contact details, fault details and state any upgrade options you are interested in. An RMA number is not required, but please contact us in advance if you wish to discuss your requirements. Following inspection we will provide a quotation by email.

For customers requiring annual recalibration for quality assurance purposes, we offer a reduced cost calibration check service when adjustment is not required.

LA100 Silver Upgrades

The LA100 silver upgrade is available to all units whatever the vintage. It adds all of the features in the latest LA100 MK3 to an older unit.

Key Features Include:

  • Full recalibration and electrical safety testing.
  • Minor repairs included.
  • New grey panels and buttons.
  • New labels and chassis.
  • New lithium-ion batteries and charger circuit upgrades (sub PCB fitted).
  • D-type connectors (instead of DINs) provided for RS232/printer connection (sub PCB fitted).
  • Toggle switch added to the LA101 allowing easy selection of floating or centre grounded operation. Floating the oscillator allows testing of paths where DC is present (e.g. phantom powered microphone inputs). The oscillator will float up to the DC level and superimpose its AC output on top of the DC.
  • Latest firmware V6.7.
  • Supplied with a new manual, two RS232 leads and a Windows 10/11 compatible USB to serial convertor
D-type sub PCB
Lithium-ion charging circuit sub-PCB

LA101 rear panel (pre-upgrade)

LA101 rear panel

LA102 rear panel (pre-upgrade)

LA102 rear panel

LA100 Backlight Display Upgrade

Since June 1993 new LA100 Audio Analysers have been supplied with high contrast backlit displays. So that existing users can take advantage of this improvement units may be returned to our factory to be upgraded.


Lithium-ion Battery Upgrade

Available for all LA100s the lithium-ion battery upgrade is included with the Silver upgrade, but can also be purchased separately. They were previously available for user fitting, but we can no longer ship lithium-ion batteries by post and consequently units must be returned to our factory for installation. This upgrade replaces the original Nickel Cadmium battery packs supplied with older units.

Old style Nickel-Cadmium battery pack

New Lithium-ion battery pack

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